I came across with hundreds of businesses that started their online presence and after some time they came back and told me “We have invested a lot in our website to make it stand out from the rest” and then followed by these popular questions:

  1. Why are we getting zero sales?
  2. Why is the website not showing up in Google search?
  3. Why no one is reading our blogs?

I totally feel their frustrations, but you don’t need to worry because there is an answer. And this is the reason why I started writing this article.

For those who would like to know the answer, feel free to continue reading on.

For the past 9 years, our team had been delivering E-commerce websites around the globe. And it is such a wonderful feeling every time a project is completed with happy customers. Sadly, after a year or two, these customers plan to close down their website and go back to the old ways of selling.  I had the time to interview most of them and discovered that their online store was barely making sales. 90% of them had the impression that once a website is launched, it will grow by itself.

For those who are having the same issue. Here are 8 ways to grow your online store

Nowadays, being in the “cloud” era made a lot of difference on how we do things compared before. I can still remember a shop in our village could only cater neighbors around and so the profit was just enough to survive through the day. With the advancement of time and technology, several of these “local” shops, if not in debt were closed down because of the rise of “ONLINE” shops. Now if you are planning to put up your own business, it is best to build your “Online Presence”. I could not emphasize enough that in business today, having your own website is as crucial as having an email address and a phone number.

Long time ago, being an entrepreneur wasn't notable. A lot of people prefer working in an organization (9AM - 6PM) and get paid monthly instead of putting up a business. Times have greatly changed now, and it is the other way around. Because economy is slowing down, prices are rising, debts are increasing, employees are being retrenched and salary are shrinking; many are forced to find other means to survive. Frankly, living today is more expensive than before!

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