I came across with hundreds of businesses that started their online presence and after some time they came back and told me “We have invested a lot in our website to make it stand out from the rest” and then followed by these popular questions:

  1. Why are we getting zero sales?
  2. Why is the website not showing up in Google search?
  3. Why no one is reading our blogs?

I totally feel their frustrations, but you don’t need to worry because there is an answer. And this is the reason why I started writing this article.

For those who would like to know the answer, feel free to continue reading on.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is a term consists of action plans and directions that helps raise the visitors count to a particular website by getting top level placement in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more.



Types of SEO

1. On-Page SEO

On-page SEO or On-site relates to the content on your website.

It includes strategies to optimize an individual page on a website. These factors (all of which are outlined in this on-page SEO checklist) help search engines understand the topic of the content and see that the website is a valuable source that people would want to find.

This type of SEO includes:

• Keyword research: Finding the best keywords to target on a page of content.
• Content creation: Publishing high-quality content focused on target keywords.
• Keyword optimization: Using the target keyword in all the right places and using good meta tag SEO for title and description.
• Other areas such as Alt tags, URL structure, internal linking, mobile friendliness and speed loading

2. Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO or off-site involve external optimization practices that happen away from your website rather than in it. The main technique used for off-page SEO is backlink building since quality backlinks to your site from external sites tell search engines that your site is valuable and high-quality, and this builds authority.

This type of SEO includes:

• Backlinks
• Social Bookmarking
• Forum Postings
• Participating in FAQ websites
• Blog creation and commenting
• Guest Posting
• Image Sharing
• Social Media
• Other areas such press release, classified / document / video / infographic / web 2.0 submissions, Local business listings.

So now the question remains, WHY DO SEO?

Below we explained why SEO is the answer. Why it is important and what benefits you get out of it.

Why your business needs to invest in SEO?

1. SEO Gives High Return On Investment

There are several forms of online marketing bus none of them gives such a high return like SEO does. But many people complain about the failure of Search Engine Optimization, this is because they sign up with the beginners or with those who completely outsource the task and have no clue about a successful SEO campaign. These are the disadvantages of outsourcing SEO, but if SEO is done correctly it delivers frequent traffic to your business website and will generate tremendous amount of money.

2. SEO Counts As An Asset Of Your Business

An old school method to gain customer traffic on your website is Paid Advertisement.

This advertisement is just like a rental apartment, after years of paying rent you haven’t built up anything, you stop paying for the ads, the traffic automatically stops.

But Search Engine Optimization is like an asset. It same as buying a property that gains value over time. Investing in SEO, builds up your website which attracts more and more customer traffic to your business.

3. Organic Search Results Are Credible

Most of the internet users – up to 75% skip or does not focus on the paid ads. Their main focus is on pure organic search results. So if you invest in Search Engine Optimization and get high ranking, customer will automatically visits your site with an image that it is credible.

If people are able to find you easily the like to become your customers and this gives the customer a positive feeling before looking into your business details.

4. SEO Still Works In The Present Time

The recent update from Google was on May 2020. Search Engine Optimization never gets a pause as it will continue to get updated. If SEO is done correctly it can deliver nonstop and frequent traffic to your business website. Yes there are Google updates and algorithm changes that are launched to fight against spam, but if your work is handled by an experienced company then you don’t have to worry about these issues. Many fraud companies promises to deliver quality work but they can’t. So you should invest in service that does it right.

5. SEO Isn’t Going Any Where

Search Engine Optimization is not going anywhere and on the basis of development of search engines it doesn’t look like SEO will stop being effective in the future. SEO is never going to change but yes the techniques changes every now and then to maintain the rankings. SEO will exist as long as internet is around, so it’s a great opportunity to get involved now rather than paying for ads.

6. Your Rivals Are Doing It

Every hour new websites are formed and old ones are improved. As you know SEO is a never ending process, if you are not improving your website you are just letting your rival to go ahead by ignoring this important business tool (SEO).

Investing in SEO is very important. Everyone is facing difficulty regarding organic traffic. And if you want to succeed in terms of online marketing so your business needs a great SEO strategy.

It is the most important part of any organization’s marketing and online presence.

What Does SEO Do For My Website?

1. It can help you build your brand

Although branding is often considered more traditional marketing strategy,SEO falls firmly in digital category.the two involve similar steps.

Building a brand depend on considering both what you provide,and what others say about it.

And when you look at the steps which involve in optimizing a site, the factors are same. You require creating the content that is in the line with your audience’s demand and interest, and then find way to earn links to the content from other sites.

2. It helps your target audience find your site

SEO help your business get in front of your audience which is targeted as they are actively searching for information.

And seeing how common it is for consumer to use search engines to get information about products and services, it is very great opportunity.

3. It improves user experience

The goal of google is to provide the best possible results to their users.

As a result,many of their algorithm updates focus on making sure that they are directing user to sites that not only provides proper content,but also a superb user experience.

4. It is easy to measure

Finally, the biggest advantages of SEO are that you can measure virtually every aspects of your result.

You can use tools like google analytics to counselor your traffic,referral sources,conversion that matters to your business.

Benefits of SEO for website

1. Low cost when compared to PPC

Organic SEO is low cost. It only costs an investment of time and patience on your part. when you find yourself on the top of organic search engine results, you can boost your SEO efforts by investing a small budget into PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. 

2. Your website needs to be on the first page of Google organically

Majority people do not scroll past the first page of search engines. This mean that if tour website is not ranking on the first page of google, or other search engines, you are missing out on potential clicks and overall organic brands awareness.

3. Access to data that you can use to leverage in organic lead generation at no cost

By looking at your website analytics, you can see what product and services visitors are looking at on your website you can also see the search terms and queries people are using to find your website through search engines.

What Does SEO Do For E-commerce?

1. Get discovered on search results pages

Visibility on google is critical to the success of your ecommerce business.Ecommerce without SEO is like a car without fuel.Today, most online shoppers do not visit sites after first page of google.

If your ecommerce store is not on the rank of first page of google, your site will not get any traffic from google.Enforcing SEO will improve the ranking of tourecommerce site.

2. Traffic from SEO is Free

Organic traffic is that traffic which comes from unpaid sources; it is free traffic that comes through search engine like Google,Bing and Yahoo.

The only method to build organic traffic in your store is through SEO. SEO allows you to rank in the top of google search results without paying a single penny to anyone.

3. Reap the long-lasting benefits of SEO

Paid advertising increase traffic, but it is not long-lasting. As soon as budgets runs out, paid results cease to exist. Results from organic traffic last for year. Once your site is optimized, it will maintain its SERP ranking and draw traffic long after paid campaigns are over.

Benefits Of SEO For E-commerce

1. Driving brand awareness

Most ecommerce sites need search engine optimization for low-cost brand awareness.presence on the first page of search results could be the first time a shopper has stumbled across your brand or could trigger him to remember that he once visited your site.

2. Expanding remarketing audiences

Once shopper enter your site via organic search your paid search team can place cookies for remarketing campaigns. You can then expose display ads to those shoppers when they leave.

Your site and continue their journeys. The more people you drive to your site, the larger your remarketing audiences will be.

3. Improving the user experience.

A strong user experience drives conversions. SEO helps shoppers to understand and thus optimize your site’s usability. That, in turn, can improve rankings.

Keyword data provides a window into shoppers desires. They want something that’s why they are searching. Sites that fill that desires quickly are more likely to make that sale.

To sum it all up; if your aim is to make sales or be known to the internet, SEO is a MUST do. Since early 2020 -upon the start of the Covid virus, a lot of businesses have taken their step going digital and is now competing for that top spot. If you aren’t leveraging on SEO yet, then it will be hard to meet those business objectives.


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