For the past 9 years, our team had been delivering E-commerce websites around the globe. And it is such a wonderful feeling every time a project is completed with happy customers. Sadly, after a year or two, these customers plan to close down their website and go back to the old ways of selling.  I had the time to interview most of them and discovered that their online store was barely making sales. 90% of them had the impression that once a website is launched, it will grow by itself.

For those who are having the same issue. Here are 8 ways to grow your online store

1.) Optimize Your Website (SEO)

Having your website optimize means it is search friendly. People tend to find information using the internet and they heavily rely on search engines like google to do research. And so this is the primary reason why you need your website to be optimized. Remember that when people start searching, they are most likely ready to buy. They just need additional “push” to confirm their action; and you just need to display your online shop (products & services) in front of their eyes.

There are different search engines and I am recommending your website to be optimize with GOOGLE first. Why? See below image from statcounter.

Stat Counter Search Engine Share

See more details from StatCounter here

For more details regarding SEO, please check out our SEO page here. If you have any existing websites and need help to optimize it, feel free to contact us. Avail our service now for big discounts. We guarantee to generate traffic for your online shop (PROMO CODE: ENTRYSEO).


2.) Create Compelling Articles

Similar to what I am doing now; I have created an article because I want to share with you and hoping I am not wasting your time. The best practice is to focus in creating articles that gives value to the reader(s). And if a reader likes the article, there is a possibility he/she will share to the friends. And because of this sharing, new traffic will be coming in to the website. Are your familiar with the line “Sharing is Caring”? Well.. for online store owners, you need to give value first (CARE) before your website can be SHARED.

If you have no time to create articles, you are welcome to hire blog writers which will only cost around 5$ - xx$ for a 400 words post. Although I would still recommend writing it on your own since you will add your  “branding” on it.

If you want to learn how to create articles, I have listed some e-books that I read. Hope it helps you.
* Content Professor
* Learn and Earn with Article Writing
* The Complete Guide to Article Writing

3.) Gather Reviews

In a scenario were people are giving recommendations; online reviews are equally important to generate sales, build positive customer participation and increase brand awareness. Through reviews, you build engagement with the customers. It is an important ingredient to better understand their needs and at the same time, know your areas of improvement. This develops to a long term relation which means consistent (and/or more profit) for you. Other than that, reviews will generate more reviews, which will give more confidence to new visitors of your online shop. So always encourage your customers to leave their reviews; either positive or negative both will help you, your customers and your online shop to grow.


So far below are some of Negosyo PH's Reviews from different platforms

Negosyo PH Reviews

Negosyo PH Reviews


To appear authentic, your store should have a review section for each product and services you offer. This is one of the most visited pages on a website and one factor before people decide to purchase. Please DO NOT create fake or "dummy" reviews as this will really hurt your online shop.

4.) Be Active In Social Media

Almost everyone in today’s age uses social media. Why not use the platform to grow your online shop?
Do you know that there are more than 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook alone? It’s like everybody who is grown enough to know about your product or service is on Facebook. You just have to tap into that potential!

How do you do it?

One option is regularly posting informative or any content that gives value to viewers. You can use your articles you have created from point #2 above. Maximize the use of hashtags “#” and you don’t want forget to paste your store’s link in the posts so that people know where to find your products.

Another option is to post your product link and ask for a suggestion or feedback. You can also give informative content about the product or service. Using videos is another great option to talk about your store. That way, people are more likely to be engaged. If you are interested, contact us so we can create engaging videos like below.

Sample Short Video Ads

The next option is to use paid advertising. You can start for as low as 5$ to advertise your shop and you will get to your target audience without any hassle. If you are interested, I will soon release another article on how to effectively use paid advertising on social sites.

For now, if you are just starting up, I recommend using social media organically instead of paid ads. If you have no time to manage your social media, feel free to contact us. We will act as your social media manager and create new engaging posts in a daily basis.

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5.) Run Campaigns

A Product or Service promotion is best combined with running campaigns. This is the best way to reach your defined customers and leads. Campaigns are more structured and planned method of advertising and generate traffic and sales much faster than SEO. Take note that most campaigns will come with a budget that you can set and will run for a period of duration.


Running a campaign may include the following channels:

  • Analytics
  • Content Creation
  • Demo / Evaluation
  • Direct / Print (Flyers, Brochures, Leaflets)
  • Email
  • Events
  • Landing pages
  • PPC
  • Press Release
  • Social Media

 6.) Find Influencers

Nowadays, customer tends to trusts in recommendation from individuals who have vast followers. This is a popular marketing tactics that leverage individuals who can convince their online audience to do a particular action with your brand, idea or business. 

Here begins the real game. You should not only focus on individual customer reviews but also finding some industry  experts/influencers and get their affiliation.

Below are top 3 influencer from Instagram according to

Through them, there will be other influential people who will also influence their audience. With their good network and credibility, there is no surprise how much impact this will shape your online shop.

7.) Setup List building (Subscription)

It’s in the realm of email marketing. But how would you do email marketing when you don’t have emails of your potential customers? You do it by setting up a subscription option where visitors input their emails to receive regular updates from you. You can then pitch them your products subtlety and gain more revenue.

Of all channels for online marketing, email have the highest conversion rate. Even you don't get sales, you should still build your email list because you can continue monetizing it by sending different offers to multiple products. And don't forget, you can get back people to visit your online shop which counts as a traffic.

If you have time and would like to learn how I manage my email marketing, CLICK THIS LINK

8.) Keep your website up to date

Technology is always revolving and if your online shop does not go with the flow, it will have difficulty in generating new sales. And worst, it will scare your existing customers away.

The 2 things you need to consider here are:

 * Content - Contact numbers, address, email are some of the vital information that should always be up to date. Along with it are the contents that you offer to the viewers. Go through your past articles from time to time and do revisions; if possible, link it to relevant current scenarios. They say ‘content is king’ and it can’t be more true in digital marketing. Your audience recognizes you with the quality of content you give them. If you want them to trust you, your content should be informative and credible. And when they will trust you, they are more likely to visit and share your online shop. So always remember that content is the key to generating traffic.

* Security - Being in the cloud is one more reason for Security to be on top of our list. Huge number of organizations have been hacked and shutdown. As of the year 2016, a 40% increased of data breached recorded worldwide and among them was YAHOO who announced their largest data breached approximately of about 1 billion records compromised.

We take our hosting services very serious to prevent these unforseen scenarios. For as low as $9 a day, we guarantee your shops' security and 99% UP TIME! GET OUR SECURE HOSTING SERVICE NOW

That's it for today. To conclude, never forget that your online shop is acting as the middle man to your leads and customers. Although it needs "maintenance", very minimal effort is required to make it stand out and roll on it's own. If viewers see that you don’t put any effort on it, they will lose interest and will move to another.


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