Nowadays, being in the “cloud” era made a lot of difference on how we do things compared before. I can still remember a shop in our village could only cater neighbors around and so the profit was just enough to survive through the day. With the advancement of time and technology, several of these “local” shops, if not in debt were closed down because of the rise of “ONLINE” shops. Now if you are planning to put up your own business, it is best to build your “Online Presence”. I could not emphasize enough that in business today, having your own website is as crucial as having an email address and a phone number.

Based on research by Astound Commerce Global Brand Survey, majority shoppers 54% turn to brands over retailers. To summarize, buyers search and go directly to the brand / company website!

Astound Commerce Global Brand Survey

See an update for this report

A lot of credible research institutions have published their reports on the internet that will prove this and probably as of the date you are reading this post, percentage may have gone up from 54% to 90%. If you are one of those entrepreneurs who still don’t have a website, I hope below will help enlighten you to get one now:

1. Business can leverage the internet – With the internet on your side, you have a channel to generate and grow your contacts, leads, suppliers, vendors and information way faster than doing it offline. Information is within your reach (with analytic tools) to understand better the performance of the company, its consumer behavior, competitors, needed automation and can even identify areas of improvement.
Info: If you are starting your business, better start it with the right tools. Huge amount of time I gave to check a number of softwares and I am glad to share with you this as one of the best for your marketing. CLICK HERE
2. Device friendly – As a platform to generate sales, you want to give your leads more ways on how they can access your website. Because websites are now device friendly, viewers can access it from any mobile or smart phone device that there is.
Info: During the initial stage, viewers had the option to choose from –either a mobile view or a desktop view. But now, with a responsive feature, a website can automatically detect and set the best view according to the viewer device.

Responsive Veiw Sample

See more example websites here and their view on mobile devices
3. Expand your market – Tapping into the internet extends an unlimited reach of new potential customers on all corners of the world. There will be no geographical barriers that can hinder your company from being found by anyone needing your services or products.
Info: A good example of where you can see how powerful a website can be in reaching viewers across the globe is this... a BLOG ..Click HERE! and observe (top-left) how many HITS (Views) this post have (and is getting more).
4. 24/7 – A good customer service platform is one of the best ways of making your brand popular. Having a website means you are serious in strengthening the relation of a customer and the business. The idea itself that you’ll give confidence & convenience to viewers -and they can get information and assistance from the website at their own pace and time (even off hours because a website never goes to sleep or holidays).
Info: You can use THIS TOOL to automate some repetitive tasks (like auto responding and more) for your customer inquiries & support.
5. Integration to social media – We can’t ignore how much social media is contributing to shape the business world. With a website, you can take advantage of managing all your social media into one platform.
Info: One of the most common mistakes of entrepreneurs do is treating their social platform such as Facebook as a replacement to having a website. Thus, they do not consider or delay getting one. Remember that as a business owner, you should be in control of your website. As for social media, you are aware that they can be flexible in changing their terms and conditions. What if one day, the change can make a big impact? It would be too late or complicated to do migration if from the start you are heavily relying on social media as your online presence. A thumb rule in entrepreneurship is to avoid as much as possible depending on third parties.
6. Builds credibility – A website acts as a source of business branding. It authenticates your identity and people can confirm & use this as a channel to directly interact with you. It proves your expertise in the business and if you are keen to having a blog post, you can establish authority in your field.
Info: Another common mistake is expecting immediate returns after launching the website. Instead of thinking returns, I would recommend giving value. Focus on giving value to your viewers. Since you are trying to show your expertise, you can give accurate information that can help or teach your viewers through your blog post. Remember, give value first, and then returns will follow.
7. Low cost – If you look around and observe how many platforms are used in marketing, you’ll see quite a number and most of them will be costly on your budget. If you go for physical banner and posters, you’ll need to be attached and hands-on to avoid any printing errors. But if you go for a website, the convenience is there. Getting one is budget friendly and so you can afford to give more to your business operations. You have the ability and flexibility to promote your latest offers anytime & anywhere. You would avoid paying for all the wrong printed materials which you won’t be using, and most of all, you’ll avoid the hassle of being attached and spending a lot of time.
Info: If you are ready to proceed in getting your website done, contact us HERE.
8. Communication channel – Your website will act as the central channel of your business to communicate with your viewers. Be it your fans from social media, your audiences from communities, your leads from landing pages, your followers from your blog, and other potential customers that are searching for your products & services. All of them you are able to easily communicate, engage and send information relevant to your objectives. This is a place where you can clearly showcase your business achievements, as well as the short & long term plans.
Info: If you want to learn more on how to generate LEADS through Landing Pages, be sure to subscribe HERE so I can update you on how you can get the FREE training.

Aside from all the advantages above, you can actually monetize your website. There will be people who will pay you to display their ads, participate in affiliate marketing programs, and of course there will be people who will purchase from your goods and services. With so many benefits, it is only fair that your business should resort towards opting for a website.

To conclude; we are on the verge of the 4th industrial revolution, and digitalization has opened across all forms of our life. Entrepreneurs along with their businesses are embracing the online world and it is imperative to adapt to it. If you aren’t tapping into online yet, then very soon you will be pull-out from the competition.


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