Registering to our community will grant you the following:

* Access to forums

* Check & rate business establishments that are also registered

* Get a chance to feature your product, services and your negosyo on our main page

* Get alerts of our events that may help you run the business

There will be no hidden charges.

Upon confirmation of full payment:

* PHASE 1 - It will take 1 to 2 weeks for the release of a draft website

* PHASE 2 - Another 1 week to implement changes from the draft website (if have)

* PHASE 3 - Additional 2 to 3 days for the production to go LIVE

--- Note that we will need you or your contact's confirmation before proceeding to the next phase

For us to facilitate the Go-LIVE of a website efficiently, we will require the images (if have), write-ups (if have) and at least one contact representative (if not you) from your end that we can work with and get confirmation quickly.

Twice a month we will notify 2 Negosyante to be featured on our main page. Being a Featured negosyante, all 3 components below will be showcase:

* Featured Negosyo

* Featured Product / Services

* Featured Events 

This will run for another 2 weeks until a new negosyante is featured.

Event Managment
 - Provides an easier way of placing schedule events, meetings, concert etc.
 - comes with calendar, images, maps, brochure or file download

Live demo click here

Ticket Management
 - Provides a support feature for monitoring work done, complaints etc.
Appointment Booking & Reservation
 - Suitable for growing business that deals with services rendered like clinics and spa

Online Store / Quote and Catalogue
 - Ideal for showcasing items
 - Multiple options selection, multiple image, direct mailing for quote or direct pay to payment gateway

Catalog type live demo click here
Online Store type live demo  click here

Video Gallery (Automatic Update)
 - Everytime you  update your youtube or vimeo playlist video will show on your site.

Live demo click here

This is the date that one has to comply in order to avail of the rates given by our representative.  From time to time we may have promo offers that exist on certain periodic dates. 

Compliance to submission of requirements and payment reflected on or before expiry date

A. First we will need to to verify if the specification would meet the the requirements needed to run the website

B. Determine Status of website

---IF OLD (2 years and above) our lock in period (no charge, royalty is waived)

---IF NEW, we will be adding additional charge of 150% of the total amount (as to ensure Royalty to all our works and our exclusive templates, components, modules, plugin, scripts)

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