NNature's friend. We are going Green and aim not to further damage the environment

EEnthusiastic. Being committed on what we do best to reach our vision.

GGratefulness. We will not reach this stage if it wasn't for those who are helping us. Hence, we will carry it forward to others.

OOptimistic. We are confident of the future and positve about the country's economy.

SService oriented. We will need timeline and expect for our prompt support for your needs.

YYielding. We will work hard to gain your trust.

OOpeness Honesty is the best policy and still is embedded to our core value.

Negosyo PH is one of the leading website boutique with an established track record for promoting Cyber Real Estate. Our exposure to international markets allowed us to be established not only in Asia but also in North America, Oceania and Middle East.

Since our establishment, we have dedicated to assist young entrepreneurs including those small and mid range business with up-to-date online presence. We have engaged not only locals, but also reached our kababayan (OFW) in overseas, providing them with quality and strategic in-house business.

Our expertise in the field of responsive design is complemented by the passion, creativity and value-added support/service of our workforce. For every page we create, we inject the experience, knowledge and our distinctive identity we have built from the beginning.

Comprising a group of young and vibrant professionals, our aim is to position our country men in a sustainable growing business on a long term basis globally. A vision to be the primary channel in helping the country's economy by educating and improving our country men capabilities in terms of online investments, and business/work at home routines.

Negosyo PH mission is to provide entrepreneurs a vehicle to leap from the old to the new business marketing ways. Enhancing their business model and exposing them to the vast opportunities and growth online.